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About Me

Hannah Prinz

Cooking has always been my hobby since I was diagnosed with Celiac about 20 years ago. 
However, in the last few years I have started to miss eating those gluten filled beautiful pastries and luscious desserts you see in European bakeries. So, I have started to test myself with new baking challenges. Still baking with local, fresh, and seasonal items. Am I perfect, definitely not!  But, I strive to make my desserts taste like the real deal.  I bake and create to put smiles on my friends and family's faces... and of course mine. I bake to impress and dazzle. I bake because it is my creative outlet. I bake, because it makes my girls the happiest kiddos in the world. And I always bake gluten free. 
In this blog my goal is to bring you my tested and most asked for recipes. To show you not only what I bake and create, but how I do it with German ingredients in a German kitchen. How I use my own American Jewish Traditions and intertwine those with the German traditions of where I live.
I am a permanent resident of Germany with my German husband and our two daughters. Our family is more German than American since our kids go to German schools/daycares and the majority of our friends are German. Making sure our family still holds onto some of my American roots is incredibly important while also fully embracing the German life that we have built for ourselves in the tiny vineyard town of Kiedrich. We are about 45 minutes from Frankfurt but are steps away from the vineyard countryside.

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